What Types Of Ice Can An Ice Maker Prepare?

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An ice maker can be used for making different types of ice. Each ice type has its unique benefit and purpose. While some shapes are made for cooling drinks, other shapes are suited for chewing. Explore the different types of ice that can be made using an ice machine and their benefits.

1. Cube

A regular cube is also referred to as a large cube and is perfect for applications where there is need for large volume of ice. You can also use them in mixed drinks and soft drinks.

Full cubes are also known as square cubes or dice cubes. They are also suited for the same applications and are widely used in commercial settings.

2. Nugget Ice

This type of ice is soft and chewable and is perfect for use in soft drinks and smoothies. It is capable of absorbing the drink’s flavor. It also cools and blends drinks instantly.

3. Crescent Ice

As the name suggests, it has a half-moon shape. This ice can be used in soft drinks and for bagging and dispensing. Its unique shape allows it to move freely and fill the glass. It makes it easier for a person to enjoy their beverage as it supports the liquid flow. It doesn’t cause drinks to splash and doesn’t stick together.

4. Flake Ice

This type of ice has the structure of a snow cone. It is perfect for preserving food which is placed on display. However, it is also used in blended drinks because it can blend with ease. It has a snow-like property and cools instantly.

5. Gourmet

Gourmet ice looks similar to a small shot glass or octagon. It melts slowly and is used in banquets and commercial settings. It is considered perfect for serving in premium liquor. It has excellent cooling capability and also stands out for its appealing looks.

So when choosing an ice maker, make sure that it can prepare all these different types of ice for different purposes and occasions.


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